A new era
has come

The Web3 enterprise blockchain.
Join the future of business interactions.

traent is the blockchain
for fact-driven enterprises

A network of billions of hybrid blockchains.
Ready for tomorrow, available now.

tailor-made solutions.
fast, intuitive, and effective.

Bring blockchain to your industry. No PhD needed.
Easy and fast on-boarding. No-code smart contracts.
Complex interactions become intuitive workflows.

each project,
a blockchain.

Create projects and collaborate with partners, suppliers, colleagues and customers. Easily. On blockchain.


Share and publish validated facts, without compromising sensitive information. This is the power of hybrid blockchain: private data, decentralized proofs.

a network of
Web3 sovereign nodes

Your node creates new blockchains, new projects, store in real-time unlimited data, produce no environmental impact. A gateway to disciplined and secured interactions.

the Web3
gateway to ‍
new solutions

A new perspective for users and consumers

Auditors and general public verify published data directly on blockchain, at no cost, with one click.

A safe space to do business

Interacting within a holistic, fully secured, fully private, automated and efficient business environment.

New business assets

Digital embodiment: the digital “twin” of an object and the sum of its digital interactions, creating an immutable, data “rich”, evolving, digital asset.

Data trust:
security, privacy and confidentiality creating large pools of authentic trustable data.