The traent builder program

The traent builder program is a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to experiment, build and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

As a traent builder, you are uniquely positioned to help customers:

  • build a sustainable planet, driven by authenticity, trust and transparency
  • enable a world of trust, fostering ethical, collaborative and sustainability-oriented behaviors
  • provide the first collaboration platform on blockchain to boost accountability, privacy and efficiency in interactions

Together, partners and traent provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals and deliver value to your customers.


We make available a full set of activities and tools to accelerate your Innovation journey

  • Experiment: to understand, test and proficiently use traent new technology to serve your projects, both from a sales and a technological perspective
  • Build: to help you build successful projects by deeply understanding and with hands on activities on traent technology
  • Deliver: to excel in deliver the best project on traent technology with the support of designing tools, traent professional service and quality assurance support

A differentiated customer experience

  • Industry solutions navigator (under development): to proactively drive our customers in finding the best partner to match their needs in terms of vertical industry expertise and use case knowledge


We enhance your unique value proposition with resources, program and benefits

  • We will award your excellence in architecting and building the best projects for your customers by your capability of being a sustainability ambassador, rewarding your attention to sustainability impact (sustainable IT, operations, and design)
  • We will award your excellence in innovation by your capability of being innovative in the business modelling, architecture building, delivery excellence
  • All these awards will be customer proof, as the only evaluation criteria will be the customer satisfaction

expand your opportunities

In order to expand your opportunities we give you access to several sales acceleration tools

  • Marketing funds
  • Proof of acceleration and proof of concept funding to help you drive your customer usage of traent technology in the project and facilitate the startup phase
  • Sandbox credits to support you in testing, building and enhancing new solutions based on traent technology
  • We will be present to the most impactful industry vertical events and we will offer you the possibility to co-participate with us to showcase your solutions

you can be the answer.
right now. 

We want to prove that our investments in ESG are true.
We do not make green-washing. People should trust us, and know that we are truly sustainable. We want to be transparent, we want people to have easy access to our data, we want to definitely proof our ethical behaviours. How can we do it?

It is difficult to manage projects with many players from different organizations.
Most have data silos which do not talk to each other. Often we have to copy and paste data manually. We make errors and we spend thousands of hours in reconciliation. Can we have a single place where we can make all the agreements, exchange and store all the documents and discussions? And automatically send data for execution directly to our ERP and CRM?

Our patients complain about the way we manage their data. They are right, data is often stored in places to which they have no access. And it is true that that they often get nothing in return for sharing their data with us. But their data is fundamental. How can our patients have instant, exclusive access to their own data? How can they be sure that nobody will ever use them against their will and their privacy?

We participate to many tenders.
And it happens that we are not chosen, but after some time we discover that our ideas are used by another company. How can we protect our IP?

We invested a lot of money in a company.
And now we discover that they did not check the ethics of their supply chain, and we are all suffering a big reputation damage. How can we prevent these risks?

We had a big issue during Covid times.
Our supplier of strategic components had a problem with his 4° tier supplier, so he could not deliver. But they told us only at the last minute! How can we anticipate risks, and react fast so we do not get into troubles again?

Our industry is very serious on legal matters.
And our projects are very detailed in technical specifications. We have to collect and keep documents auditable for many years. And we have to track the accountability of people and organizations. A lot of interactions happen outside the project, via mail, messages etc. Which is not good. Could we manage the entire project in one single immutable “space”, which will always be auditable?

Our company is handling extremely confidential data.
We need to keep data segretated between us and our customers, and we cannot use centralized systems. Can we create large quantities of immutable segregated data? Can our storage system resist to ransomware attacks, even to the most disruptive ones?

We have a product with a long lifecycle.
It passes through many hands, being used for different purposes. We cannot follow its entire lifecycle, as there are third parties involved, and we are not allowed to collect data. How can we track our product, collaborating with all the third parties? Can we transform our product into data with value and utility?

We have excellent machines and devices.
They are all equipped with IoT technologies and are connected. But… who owns the data they produce? We need them for our operational excellence, our suppliers need them to mantain our machines and improve their products. Can we safely share data with our suppliers and agree on their usage and property?

We would like to enter the blockchain world…
We think it could be interesting for many applications, but implementation of real enterprise solutions looks difficult, long, cumbersome and expensive. Can we make a pilot, in few weeks and without spending a fortune?

We make very technical products.
We are a small innovative company. Some people do not buy from us, because we are too small. How can we prove to our stakeholders, that we are financially solid and operationally savy? That our quality is excellent and our customers are very happy with our products and service?

We have many external suppliers, producing big quantities of data through their IoT devices.
We would like to identify each IoT device, to avoid data tampering and receive granular data.  Also we want to select, aggregate and publish data, rewarding those who produce and own data, also protecting their privacy. Can we segregate and aggregate, anonimyze and deanonimyze data, being flexible on requests and rights of our stakeholders?

We have a lot of constraints in tracking the behaviours of our customers.
But if they helped us to collect more data, they could really get much better services from us, and they would probably spend less. We are sure they would be happy to do it. But they are afraid we might misuse their data. How can we make that they fully trust us? How can we help them to monetize their own data, fully respecting their privacy?

We have a lot of constraints in tracking the behaviours of our customers.
But if they helped us to collect more data, they could really get much better services from us, and they would probably spend less. We are sure they would be happy to do it. But they are afraid we might misuse their data. How can we make that they fully trust us? How can we help them to monetize their own data, fully respecting their privacy?

We would like to have an open and transparent relation with our customers.
When consumers buy our products we would like them to interact with us in real-time. Also we would love if they could receive all the information they need, and fully trust our statements. For instance, can our consumers independently and in real-time audit our ESG and sustainability data so that they can fully believe in their truthfulness?

how many more answers can we give together?


Real-time collaboration

Unlimited data exchange and storage

All-in-one shared space of collaboration

Simplifying and automating process complexity

Integrating IoT as single source of truth

No environmental impact

Total data privacy and ownership to data producers

Enterprise-grade transparency

Generating authentic data, validated by third parties.

Fully auditable blockchain content

Fast-track transparency for general public and auditors

systemic changes

A new digital workspace.
A new open-space between enterprises, where inter-operations are simplified, automated, traceable, and error-proof. Blockchain performs in real-time data reconciliation, immutability, and integrity check. Partners with opposed interest share transparency on data and accountability, collaborate on projects, create and publish authentic information.

Enterprise blockchain, a new business normality.
Easy to access, ready in one minute, the first blockchain infrastructure with embedded enterprise functionalities (workflow, collaboration, document exchange, threads, smart automation).  Solving real business problems. A low impact blockchain, for everyday use and every business interaction. Blockchain automation, authenticity and immutability as the new standard for enterprise.

A new alliance between brands and consumers, producers and users, PA and citizens.
Authenticity of published information is instantly verifiable, by auditors and general public, staying outside the blockchain. Access to blockchain content is easy, frictionless, real-time. Brands, producers, PAs are transparent to their stakeholders (and auditors). Data integrity is verified directly on blockchain. Introducing a global system of trust and transparency.

features highlights

  • A unique Web3 infrastructure of sovereign nodes. Connecting enterprises, preserving data ownership of collaborating partners, enabling unprecedented process solutions. A foundational network to support a new world of extraordinary business opportunities.
  • “Ready-to-use” functional blockchain including preloaded workflows, automations, collaboration platform. Easy as an app, usable, friendly, ready in few minutes for standard processes, configurable in few days for tailormade solutions.
  • “Highly-configurable” functional blockchain to design critical workflows with multiple editors and constraints. A vast range of automations to trigger automated error-free effects through each stage of the process. A simplified, assisted “drive-through” user experience. 
  • “Interoperable” data streams: building a new common space of collaboration, without changing existing internal processes. Organizations use APIs to feed internal ICT functions (i.e. ERP, CRM, EDI) with confirmed data streams validated by blockchain participants.
  • “Enterprise-grade” transparency allows organizations to publish selected data on-line, without sharing confidential information. Selective data disclosure is a powerful marketing tool to increase reputation and sales, eliminating commercial risks related to transparency.
  • “Healthcare-grade” transparency to keep full privacy of personal identities, disclosing useful data for clinical use, segregating confidential data into purpose-made functional blockchains. Still respecting data immutability of a blockchain architecture.
  • Published data is authentic. Data is created by actual projects, validated by collaborating third parties with opposed interests. Identities are verified, accountabilities are confirmed. Companies trust each other, starting new business projects, focusing on productivity.
  • Managing multi-layer supply chains and processes. Independent blockchains are inter-connected to create unique agile, interoperable supply-chains and processes, without limits of scalability. IoT devices are also included as nodes of the independent blockchains.
  • Granular risk assessment of suppliers, including the 4th tier suppliers in the supply chain (and beyond). Interconnected independent blockchains enable real-time audits and forecasts, along the entire supply-chain. Managing supply risks, still protecting data confidentiality.
  • Compliance with the “right to be forgotten” rules in GDPR/CCPA/DSL/APPI/PIPA/LGPD and the “privacy by default and by design” rules in GDPR European regulations. Patent pending innovation to comply with traent mandate of a fully usable enterprise blockchain.
  • Secured immutable storage of complete projects, documents without limits of size, workflows, accountabilities. Disaster recovery by design and by default. Authentic data become solid immutable assets.
  • No environmental impact: the first functional blockchain with practically no additional energy consumption, still performing the highest grade of data immutability, unlimited data exchange and storage, real-time data validation.

foreseeable impact

  • Digital embodiment: shaping a body of data, collecting and organizing digital interactions, to redefine new phygital identities for physical objects, services, individuals, organizations. Web3 architecture to make data creators (people, organizations and objects) exclusive data owners, generating value, new assets and enormous business opportunities.
  • Data democracy: redefining information asymmetry. Data creators and users share privacy, powers, accountability and visibility. Interactions between producers and users, brands and consumers, public administration and citizens are redefined on new shared rules of engagement based on reciprocal trust and clear operational workflows.
  • Reducing frauds and litigations. Blockchain immutability, full traceability, clear identity, role and responsibilities of people, organizations and things, simple and real-time auditability of behaviors, to discourage frauds and litigations. Also, arbitrations shorten the time to judgment and reduce overall systemic judicial costs.
  • A new business model for discovery and reputation: business and people interactions are embodied by authentic data, discovering and being discovered based on verified facts. Changing the dynamics of sales, and procurement processes, fostering fast and accurate assessments, building a transparent fact-driven reputation system.

how many more answers can we give together?