The first collaboration platform on blockchain, where companies can interact in a simple, yet authentic and transparent way.

designed to meet business needs.


run your projects on a hybrid blockchain

Era allows to create, manage and share projects with team members and business partners entirely on blockchain. Increase efficiency and cross-team collaboration using one solution to power all your processes.

fluid collaboration

Have a real-time, distributed source of truth for all project collaborators.

  • Share messages, documents, and data streams, instantly and on blockchain

  • Connect any data source, from user data to IoT and APIs, with documents and threads.

  • Rely on automations to save your time and skill for higher-value tasks.


Work smarter on Era. Create, manage and share projects with colleagues, business partners and external parties with granular permissions.


Upload any kind of files to the projects, from images to PDFs. Enrich your documents by linking threads and referencing streams. Keep track of all changes from the log of the file.


Connect any data source to your projects with Streams. Enter data manually or automagically by linking real- time sources such as IoT and third- party APIs.


Have group discussions with your project collaborators and easily link documents, streams, and any other kind of resources to your messages.


Automate all the things! Reduce manual intervention, save time and prevent human errors.

no-code smart

Streamline your business with Era workflows. Gain more control of your processes while improving accountability ad collaboration.

Create, refine, and share smart contracts using our No-Code Workflow Editor. No programming skills required.

get more work done with automations

Avoid tedious, repetitive tasks.
Trigger actions to react to any changes in the project. Focus on what matters the most and let automations do the rest.

Notify, send emails, add labels, integrate any system through webhooks and more.

the gateway
for IoT on blockchain

According to Gartner, you’ll have to wait until 2025 to have your IoT on blockchain. According to Traent, it’s ready now!

We are enabling data-intensive application on blockchain. Connect your “things” through our streams for a continuous, real-time data integration.

explore the future.

Improve your data storytelling with interactive and beautiful visuals that leverage authentic data from your blockchains. Use the Viewer to explore ledgers directly in your browser. Stop relying on data from untrusted servers.

Access a collection of curated solutions made by Traent and verified partners, explore and buy professional services. Why reinvent the wheel? Accelerate innovation by adopting battle-tested solutions to streamline your operations and solve the most complex problems.

For the first time, you’ll be able to create and use smart contracts without needing a PhD. Traent Visual Editor is a low-code solution that allows you to design your organization’s workflows. Ready for day-to-day use.

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See how we can help you meet the challenges facing your industry by designing and delivering together effective solutions.

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