a platform built to enhance trust, increase productivity and improve sustainability

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders on a trustworthy, real-time, symmetrical source of truth that enables process discipline.

Traent’s enterprise blockchain platform addresses some of the most pressing productivity and sustainability challenges.

Our platform enables the integration of multiple siloed information systems across organizational boundaries enhancing collaboration and trust.

Traent’s platform is suited to address three applications that not only are a great fit for enterprise blockchain but also have high impact potential: Supply Chain, ESG and Healthcare/Life Sciences.

Our goal is to enhance trust, reduce complexity and increase productivity; and to do so in the most sustainable way.

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Supply Chain

Life Science


sustainable municipalities

See how we are working with municipalities all over Italy to help them achieve sustainability goals, enforce performance measurement and reporting.

efficient clinical trials

Explore our efforts to standardize clinical trial processes by enhancing collaborations and giving credibility to information.