46% of Asset managers

view the lack of real-time information as a limitation on the value of ESG data


of total food production is lost before it reaches the market

3.3 billion tons of CO2

Food wastage’s carbon footprint is estimated at 3.3 billion tons of CO2

end global hunger

If just 1/4 of lost or wasted food were saved, it could end global hunger

In a world where Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are becoming engrained to corporate values, organizations are looking not only to achieve their sustainability goals, but to also work with partners who share the same values.

ESG performance management and reporting involve the collaboration of several parties both within and across organizations, posing efficiency and data accuracy challenges. Furthermore, “greenwashing” concerns create additional credibility challenge.

we believe any organization should spend more time improving its sustainability performance rather than proving it.

That’s why we have created an intuitive, fast and affordable enterprise blockchain platform to enable efficient, fact-based ESG auditing.


Performance Reporting

Compliance and Certification

Enhanced Reputation

Fact-Driven Policy Making



ESG reporting verifiable credibility enabled by the immutable nature of blockchains


Enterprise Grade Transparency. Increased transparency without compromising sensitive, commercial or personal information


Fact-driven decision making based on proven performances, allowing to improve ESG management and to mitigate associated risks


Enhanced reputation and trust amongst customers, investors and business partners creating a competitive advantage based on proven ESG practices


Streamlined reporting process by collaborating on a real-time platform which provides a single point of information and disciplined process management though workflows and automations