in a nutshell.

From Latin “trahens”: the driving force
Noble Purpose
A sustainable planet driven by authenticity, trust, and transparency
To enable a world of trust, fostering ethical, collaborative and sustainability-oriented behaviors.
Providing the first collaboration platform on blockchain to boost accountability, privacy and efficiency in interactions.
Web3 enterprise blockchain
Ingenuity: never stop innovating
Impact: change for the best
Respect: ethics upfrontVision: think ahead and beyond
Perseverance: make it happen

the founders

Federico and Fabio, entrepreneurs with deep industrial and software experience, fostering disruptive innovation.

Federico d’Annunzio

He spent the first phase of his career in the capital equipment industry, manufacturing printing machines for the labels and packaging industry. In 2020 he was honored with a lifetime achievement recognition, the S.A. Global Achievement Award for Innovation thanks to his multiple patents. In 2020, together with a team of disruptive innovators, he founded Traent.

Fabio Severino

While still at University, he founded his first start-up and has ever since led several software projects and companies, in Italy and abroad. Within the last year, he filed eight patents for Traent in the field of cryptography and distributed systems. His entrepreneurial attitude and expertise are helping Traent shape the next generation of blockchain platforms.

why traent:
an ambitious project


Make organizations trust and be trusted to improve global business efficiency


Use automation and process management to empower collaboration excellence


Make ethics become the main driver of business interactions


Create systemic efficiency to secure a sustainable global transformation

vision and execution

As actual blockchains were not fit for the Traent project, Federico and Fabio decided to create disruptive innovation, with no compromise on the expected result.

A team of 15+ young developers was selected to create from scratch a novel blockchain architecture. The result was ready in just 18 months, integrating: 


a Web3 networking infrastructure


a collaboration platform


a visualizer of blockchain content

An extraordinary achievement, delivered by exceptional talents, governed by effective execution.

built for growth


One node collaborates with many nodes, which are natural advocates for viral high-speed growth

More nodes empower more speed of execution: a perfect architecture for unlimited data growth

One node creates infinite blockchains to nurture unlimited users’ opportunities

The fastest, the smoothest, the easiest enterprise blockchain deployment


One node collaborates with many nodes, which are natural advocates for viral high-speed growth

A C-suite of start-up and corporate experts, guided by a clear vision and well-defined targets.

A team of incredibly talented developers with creative skill and positive execution drive.

Strong partnership with system integrators and developers for fast global access to industries and users

unlimited innovation

Pisa: three universities. Two National Research Centers. 50.000+ students/year.

A consistent source of knowledge, creativity and innovation, producing thousands of talents in all disciplines, with specific excellence in Computer Science and Life Science.

noble purpose

SDG 17 objectives and ESG enterprise code of conduct are strictly interconnected. The ESG Global Alliance has been founded in 2022 to create collaboration between enterprises, develop common tools and initiatives to support enterprise sustainability worldwide.

Cooperating with Illuminem, the global source of energy and sustainability information, already 350+ companies have joined the ESG Alliance.

the vision

a decade of missed opportunities

The decade after Global Financial Crisis (2009-2018) has shown a steep decline in productivity in advanced economies (0.8 vs 1.5% in prior decade) and in emerging market and developing economies (3.5 vs 6.6%). (Source: World Bank).

With stagnant productivity, also investments in sustainability decreased (for the first time since 2015 the SDG Index declined in years 2019 and 2020).

The global business models have not changed, while digital transformation has deeply changed consumers’ lives with fast access to market and a wide choice of opportunities. Organizations are still focused on products.

Enterprise records are not shared, data transparency is perceived as a risk. Companies are missing the benefits of a transparent market and of agile, automated, trusted interactions.

Enterprises are reiterating the “silo” model. Efficiency in internal and collaborative processes is tampered by redundancies, legacies, lack of trust, poor interoperability. A lot of opportunities are waiting to be discovered.

a global system of trust

Improve global productivity and sustainability. Ethical behaviors can drive future business interactions. People and organizations can be rewarded for their authentic performances and their ESG compliant initiatives. People and organizations can publish authentic data, verifiable information, and focus on quality and sustainability of products and organizations. New technologies, and an innovative vision on business and sustainability, can disrupt an inefficient model which stayed unchanged for more than two hundred years.

a proof of truth

A new global system of trust, supported by verifiable interactions confirmed by parties with opposed interests. Greenwashing, data-washing, untruthful declarations, incorrect business behaviors can be greatly reduced. Networks of functional blockchains, connected by a web3 architecture of sovereign nodes guarantee the authenticity of declarations, delivering real-time proofs of truth. People and organizations’ accountability, enterprise-grade transparency, unmanned process automation, boosting consistency and predictability in personal and business exchanges.